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Starting at $66/Day

Embark in an unbelievable journey inside Ecuador's native primary rainforest. Indulge yourself in nature and discover the peaceful and romantic beauty of our world's most diverse and rich green ecosystem.

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Guided Tours

Land Tours​

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All Meals

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Navigable Tours

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Transport​ (from Lago Agrio)

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Community Visit

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Soft Drinks

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Shaman Visit



We will pick you up from Lago Agrio and drive to "El Puente". Flight to Lago Agrio arrives at 9:00 am. You can also take our touristic bus. From "El Puente" we take canoe for 2 hours watching amazing wildlife on the way. Upon arrival, we have lunch and then siesta or walking time (up to you). 
At night we enjoy a delightful dinner and then put our boots on for an exiting night walk to hear and see this incredible diversity. 

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Morning: After breakfast, we take an hour and a half boat ride down the river to a Siona indigenous community to interact and learn about their traditions and customs by making some local food. Then we make a visit to a shaman to learn about his secrets and ancestral knowledge of shamanism. 
At night, a delicious dinner and if you want, relax in the dinning room with the rest of the group. There might be a night walk if the group is up to it. 

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Morning: After breakfast, we take a three hour hike in the primary forest to learn about flora and fauna, including lessons in the use of plants for survival. Return for lunch at the Lodge and enjoy a siesta time. 

Late afternoon: Relax watching the incredible Amazon sunset at Laguna Grande where you can swim in the middle of the lagoon. Then, at night, we go caiman (alligator) searching at the shores. Return for dinner at the lodge. 



Short morning walk in the forest before a nice breakfast. Then bird watching from the high tower before leaving the lodge up-river back to civilization. Return to "El Puente" and Lago Agrio in the afternoon.  
Flight or bus ride back to Quito (not included). 
*This is a sample itinerary that may vary according to the selected accommodation, operativity and weather conditions.

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Relax in the middle of the most pristine nature. Wander amongst ancient trees and explore flooded forests. Canoe down river admiring breathtaking sunsets. Relish amongst the culture of Ecuador's indigenous people.


We have Hand-Selected and visited each of these hotels. We guarantee by personal and professional experience that you are getting the best service for each price range.

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*Triple (3 travelers or more) Coupon = TripleSmart10


                      Double               Triple         

3d/2n              $245                 $235

4d/3n              $290                 $280

5d/4n              $345                 $335

*Triple (3 travelers or more) Coupon = TripleSmart10


                      Double               Triple         

3d/2n              $280                 $270

4d/3n              $345                 $335

5d/4n              $410                 $330

 Comfort Suite cuyabeno23.jpg

*Triple (3 travelers or more) Coupon = TripleSmart10


                      Double               Triple         

3d/2n              $255                 $245

4d/3n              $310                 $300

5d/4n              $365                 $355

Suite deluxe cuyabeno 39.jpg

*Triple (3 travelers or more) Coupon = TripleSmart10


                      Double               Triple         

3d/2n              $310                 $300

4d/3n              $390                 $380

5d/4n              $470                 $460


What are customers say about us on Trip Advisor & Trust Pilot

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Cuya TA #3 Trad.jpg

Travel Tips

Prepare for your Cuyabeno Trip!


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Long sleeved pants (preferable not jeans) and long shirts for hiking in the rainforest (also good protection from mosquitos). Light jacket (it can be a bit cold at night and during the journeys by canoe).  Light rain coat. Shorts, T-Shirts. Sun hat and sunscreen. Sneakers and sandals.  We provide you with rubber boots and rain ponchos. Insect repellent (not in spray if it is possible in order to avoid environmental contamination). Sunglasses and swimwear for swimming in the lagoon. Your own medicine, personal toiletries (we provide you with shampoo and soap, bioodegradable depending on the lodge). Flash light for an awesome night walk. Your personal documents and money in small denominations handicrafts, for the visit to the Siona Community and Chamán (USD 8-10) and/or for any additional beverages in the bar. A medium backpack (the space in the canoe is limited) and a little backpack. A good camera to capture the amazing natural life and your unique experience in this hot-spot of biodiversity is always recommended. 
Optional items: Dry bags to put your clothes in (Any plastic that comes to Cuyabeno has to leave as well to maintain this pristine forest). If you have, bring on your binoculars with you.


Tropical and humid due to our location at the equator in the Amazon Lowland. The annual temperature averages 25°C (77°F) with a daily minimum temperature of 20°C (68°F) and a maximum temperature of 30°C (86°F). Night temperatures are pleasant and fresh at around 18°C (64.4°F) but can get cold during rainy nights.  Humidity ranges from 80 to 100% with an average of 3000 mm of rainfall a year. The area experiences a drier season from December to March and a wetter season from April to July.

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Health Precautions

It's always Smart (although not indispensable) to have the basic vaccinations such as tetanus and hepatitis A. Cholera, typhoid and yellow fever are unknown in the region. Malaria prevention is a matter of choice. In this specific area, there is a small/moderate incidence of malaria. While the more serious form of “malaria tropicana” is very uncommon, all other strains of malaria do exist and are treatable with chloroquine or equivalents.

Why travel with us?

We are a small local D.M.C. travel company made up of eco-business travel addicts with deep local knowledge, international service and love for nature. As specialists of Galapagos and Cuyabeno Reserve, we can offer our clients the best prices and services for your budget. 

Deeply committed to helping our planet stay green, traveling with us makes your travel a smarter and more gratifying adventure.

Why choose Us?

  • Cuyabeno & Galapagos Trip Advisor Specialists

  • Truly personal service & advise

  • We plant 5 trees for each Cuyabeno guest

  • We have visited most of the lodges in the Cuyabeno reserve, so we know by our own experience which are the best.

  • We accept credit card payments with the lowest fee (2.9%)

  • Local knowledge - International service

  • Lowest Price Guarantee

  • Free Galapagos & Cuyabeno travel planner

  • Carefully Hand-Selected Lodges

  • 50% of our clients are referrals from past clients.

  • Hundreds of Smart & happy clients.

  • Fast response and availability check.

About Us


  • What is the best time to visit Cuyabeno?
    Every month offers ideal wildlife watching and great experience, but the big difference between Cuyabeno and other parts of the Amazon is the flooded lagoon. It is best to try and avoid dry season (December-February) as the lagoon may be dry.
  • Can I start my trip to Cuyabeno anyday of the week?
    Yes, we offer a wide variety of lodges with different operations each, so depending on your starting day we can offer a lodge that fits into your travel itinerary.
  • Can you arrange my transport from Quito to Lago Agrio and back?
    Yes we can. We work with a third party company that offers a private touristic bus route Quito-Lago Agrio-Quito for a convenient price. $22pp per way.
  • Are all the lodges the same?
    No, we have visited most lodges in Cuyabeno and know the differences between them. We will send you to the best quality/price option for you within your budget and travel dates.
  • How far in advance should I book?
    We recommend to save your spot at least two to three months in advance (specially during High season from June to September)
  • Can "Last Minute Tours" be arranged?"
    Yes, at Smart Galapagos we search for availability on all the lodges in Cuyabeno. Please try to book with at least 1 week in advance.
  • Can I change my travel date once booked?
    Yes, we can arrange a date change this without charges depending on availability on the same lodge. If there is no availability on the changed dates and you decide to cancel, there will not be any refund.
  • I'm traveling alone, can I go?"
    Of course! Solo travelers are welcome to travel to Cuyabeno or Galapagos with us. We don’t charge single supplement unless you prefer a private single room.
  • Can children go?
    Yes, there is no age limit for Cuyabeno tour, but we recommend it for children 4-5 or more since we will be enjoying walking tours. Children must be accompanied by their parents or an adult.
  • Can I pay with credit card?
    Yes, you can pay via transfer to our Ecuadorian bank or if you prefer with Credit Card for a small extra fee (2.9%, lowest in the market). Paypal is also accepted but fees are higher.
  • Do you have clean energy?
    Yes, we do work with renewable and clean solar power that works from 6pm until 10pm.
  • Are there communications & internet in the jungle?
    This is deep jungle, no internet is available except on one big tree in the middle of the lagoon that catches a very low signal :) For emergencies we do have telephone on most of our lodges.
  • Is travel insurance recommended?
    Yes, before traveling to Ecuador, please get a travel insurance.
  • Vaccination and insects?
    It is recommended to bring a repellent high in DEET. Precaution against yellow fever is recommended althought it is not mandatory to get vacinated for this part of the Amazon. Sleep with the mosquito net.


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