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Why travel with Smart Galapagos?

Smart Galapagos is a small, sustainable & locally owned travel company run by passionate world travelers for like-minded clients.

We have over 10 years of Galapagos & Ecuador travel experience in sustainable tourism with a strong commitment to helping our world become a greener & smarter place through quality travel in our magical Islands. We also love creating awareness of the many ways we can reduce our carbon footprint.

Above all, we pride ourselves on a personalized approach to service where you can talk directly with our Galapagos experts for any question you may have.  We know the country like the back of our hands.

Smart Galapagos is a local sustainable D.M.C travel company specialized in the Galapagos, offering the smartest selection of designed tours with hand-selected itineraries, hotels and services.  

Why travel with Smart Galapagos? We are a small team of local eco-business travel addicts with deep local knowledge, international service and love of nature. As specialists in the Galapagos, we offer only the best options of Island Hopping tours and Cruises in the enchanted islands. If you want great pizza go to a pizza specialist, don't go to a restaurant that offers hamburgers, Kebabs and sushi as well. Same happens with tourism. When you go to Galapagos, be sure to book with the Galapagos experts.

Choose between Budget, Smart or Luxury travel.

Choose between small cruises or a taylor-made island hopping land tour. 

Choose between diving, trekking, kayak, snorkeling, shark-watching and more. 


We are a small local D.M.C. travel company made up of eco-business travel addicts with deep local knowledge, international service and love of nature. 


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